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Your full-time studies at hwtk: Practically relevant and compact!

Our full-time studies

Our full-time study model is ideal for students who prefer regular face-to-face instruction. While other students in traditional full-time degree programmes spend almost every workday in class, the HWTK counts on a different way of organising studies, which leaves enough flexibility to deal with life’s circumstances and enough room for personal wishes. That’s why our University follows the innovative concept of the split week. Students spend half of their week at their first place of learning, the University, leaving the other half available to be managed as they choose. So even though the degree includes face-to-face time year-round, enough time remains for students to gain professional experience and focus on personal development.

Bachelor´s degrees:

B.A. International Management

Master´s degrees:

M.A. Business Management & Development

FAQ Full-time studies

Full-time study

How is the procedure of a full-time study programme?

Just like in dual study programmes, classes in full-time study programmes (20 h/week) take place on two fixed, successive weekdays. Students can freely dispose of the remaining weekdays and use weekdays for the necessary individual studies and internships. The duration of studies (the number of semesters) is the same for all types of studies.

Do I have to complete mandatory internships during my studies?

According to the HWTK module catalogue students in full-time bachelor programmes have to complete an internship in a company of 150 hours until the end of theirs studies and give evidence in the form of a certificate issued by the company. Before the internship begins, you have to obtain the course administrator’s permission. If you prove a vocational training that is relevant for your programme, it can be recognised as an internship.