Study models

Affordable rent, a creative environment and plenty of job offers are just three of the reasons to come study in Germany’s startup capital. The metropolis offers aspiring academics from around the world room to grow.



Second location in Baden-Württemberg's

Our second location in Baden-Württemberg’s art and culture city of Baden-Baden offers you excellent options for study in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany.

Dual work–study model | Full-time studies | Distance learning.
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The University of Applied Sciences (hwtk), located in Berlin-Mitte and Baden-Baden, is a state-recognised, private university that educates future business leaders through full-time, dual work–study, or distance learning study models. The University’s concept of three models for studying is a unique educational offer that makes individually customised studies possible.



Study the way you want!

Being flexible isn’t just important for a successful career; it’s also a guiding principle at the hwtk. When you study at our University, you can organise your studies to suit your needs. Decide what’s best for you: classic full-time studies, integrated theory and practice in the dual work–study model or distance learning that is independent of time and place.

Should your circumstances change and you want to switch to another model for your studies, this is possible at the end of a semester.

  • Study models

  • Dual work–study model

    The dual work–study model incorporates practical experience: You spend half of the week with us at the University and the other half working at a cooperating company. The split-week model: the perfect mix of theory and practice!

  • Full-time studies

    At the hwtk we believe in hands-on experience. That’s why our full-time programmes have been set up with two intensive study days per week: This way you have enough time left during the week to gain work experience.

  • Distance learning

    You want to decide when and where to study? Then check out our certified distance learning offer and get to know our modern Online Campus!