How can I apply?

Please use the online application form of hwtk University.

Which are the application deadlines?

There are no application deadlines at hwtk. You can apply all year. You can begin your studies in summer semester or winter semester.

When do summer and winter semester begin?

Summer semester begins on April 1st; winter semester begins on October 1st.


What should the letter of motivation be like? What information should be included?

Normally, it consists of 1-2 pages. In your letter of application, you should explain your motivation to applying for this course and the chosen specialisation. Moreover you should put emphasis on practical experiences and personal strengths.


If I am equally interested in two specialisations (1st choice, 2nd choice), should I submit a letter of application for both of them?

Yes, in this case we would ask you to submit two letters of application (one for each specialisation). Please do note that at the bottom of our application form in the field “Comments”.


When applying for a dual study programme: should I address the letter of application to hwtk or the possible partner company?

Best would be to use the general form of address (“Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren”). In content, your letter of application should be aimed at the requests of HWTK University as well as the possible partner company. As addressee, you should put down hwtk University.



Should I apply directly to the partner company?

No, you do not have to apply to the partner companies named on the hwtk website, only if it is explicitly stated that you can or should apply directly. Usually, the partner companies have charged hwtk University with the pre-selection of applicants. However, you can and should apply directly to other companies that are not yet partners of hwtk University. This increases your chances of admission to study in the dual study programme. For any questions concerning speculative applications, do not hesitate to contact our Office of Student Affairs.


Does the specialisation “Sports Management” imply that I will study sport, i.e. practice sport myself?

No, “Sports Management” is one of the specialisations you can choose in the bachelor degree programme Business Administration. This is a business- and management-oriented degree programme.


How long does it take for my application to be processed and when will I receive feedback?

Usually, applications for full-time and distance learning programmes are processed immediately. Applicants to a dual study programme who have already been accepted by a company receive feedback promptly, as well. We begin placing applicants who have not found a company yet about half a year before the favored start of studies, sometimes even earlier. We cannot guarantee the placement in one of our partner companies. Therefore, applicants to dual study programmes should definitely apply directly to some companies.


Can I already apply even if I have not graduated from school yet?

Yes, of course. In this case we would ask you to submit your school leaving certificate (higher education entrance qualification or advanced technical college maturity), as soon as you have got it.


How can I submit additional documents (e.g. school leaving certificate)?

For this purpose, please use the additional application form.



Which entrance requirements apply for study programmes at hwtk?

The entrance requirements for the bachelor programmes  are the following:

  • A qualification at the university or technical college entrance level or
  • An equivalent, recognised admission qualification (e.g. admission by vocational qualifications) or
  • Passing the hwtk entrance exam and
  • Submission of application documents online with your CV and references as well as
  • Proof of English proficiency in the form of a TOEIC test, TOEFL iBT test or equivalent academic achievement or existing knowledge
  • A selection interview, if necessary or applicable
  • Non-native speakers of German must include proof of German level B2 proficiency with their application

The entrance requirements for the master programme Business ,Management & Development are the following:

  • Completed bachelor’s in the field of business economics (minimum 40% business and economics content)
  • A final grade for your bachelor’s at a minimum of 3.49 or a GMAT exam with a minimum of 530 points.
  • Submission of application documents online with your CV, letter of motivation and references (including, with a bachelor’s grade lower than 3.00, references from your university professors)
  • A selection interview, if necessary or applicable
  • Non-native speakers of German must include proof of German level C1 proficiency with their application
What is the “numerus clausus”?

At the moment, there is no “numerus clausus” at hwtk University. Thus, the final grade of your school leaving certificate is not directly relevant for your admission to hwtk University. If you apply for a dual study programme, the final grade is nevertheless important as some companies attach importance to good grades. However, a bad grade is no exclusion criterion, because in different sectors other criteria may play a decisive role (e.g. practical experience, language skills, stays abroad or social and sporting commitments).


Can I apply if I have neither a German university entrance qualification (Abitur) nor an advanced technical college maturity?

Yes, e.g. if you have completed a two-year, state-accredited apprenticeship in the field of the chosen degree programme/specialisation and have at least three years of documented experience in this profession. In this case, you could apply for a bachelor programme as a person holding vocational qualifications. For admission you would be obliged to pass an aptitude test for persons holding vocational qualifications at hwtk University. This test consists of a written and an oral exam. The questions are partly of general kind and partly related to your profession.

Can I switch directly from another university to hwtk?

You can begin your studies only at the beginning of a new semester. At any rate, you have to apply via our online application form so that we can check whether you fulfil the entrance requirements for the respective degree programme.

Can I carry over credits from another university to hwtk?

Yes, if the credits have been obtained in a field corresponding to the respective module plan of hwtk, it is possible to have credits recognized. In individual cases, the decision is made by the hwtk registrar’s office. At any rate, you have to fill in an application form for recognition of academic records and submit it to the hwtk accompanied by corresponding certificates. This form is available on request at our Office of Student Affairs.

What mathematical skills are required?

In the bachelor programme, the Business Informatics classes begin on a level comparable to the German university entrance qualification or the advanced technical college maturity.


What English skills are required for programmes with German as language of instruction?

All students enrolled in the bachelor programme Business Administration have mandatory English courses for four semesters. The first course begins on a level comparable to the German university entrance qualification or the advanced technical college maturity. Thus you should be able to start without any problem. Until fourth semester, bachelor students should submit the certificate of a TOIEC test in English with at least 750 points. The test can be passed at hwtk University or in one of the numerous language centers in Germany. For further questions concerning English skills, do not hesitate to contact our language coordinator Mr. Wolgang Fauck (, Tel. 030-206176-74).


Tution fees and financing of studies

How much are the tuition fees?

A degree programme at the state-accredited hwtk University of Applied Sciences is an excellent investment for your future career. Flexibility, personal atmosphere and a compact course of study are just a few of the many advantages we offer.
Further information on tuition fees can be found here.


Dual Study

What companies does hwtk University cooperate with?

A selection of our partner companies can be viewed here. Please note that this is only a list of selected references where not all our partner companies are documented. Please do not apply directly to these listed companies (only if it is explicitly stated that direct applications are welcome). Usually, the partner companies have charged hwtk University with the pre-selection of applicants.


If I have applied to a dual study programme at hwtk University, will I automatically be placed in a hwtk partner company?

No, we cannot guarantee a placement in a partner company. First of all, hwtk University processes your application documents. Suitable applicants are contacted, added to the applicant pool and invited to a phone interview. Your documents are then transmitted to our partners. It is not automatically ensured that your application will be considered or transmitted to a hwtk partner company. The final decision on the allocation of dual study places is made by the company. hwtk decides on your admission to the university.


Can I look for a partner company myself?

Yes, in general you should also submit speculative applications to possible partner companies. If you find a company on your own you have better chances of being placed in a dual study programme at hwtk University.


Does the company already have to be a hwtk partner company?

No, you can search and suggest new companies that can then become partners of hwtk University, if they fulfil the cooperation criteria.


How can I find a suitable partner company?

Therefor you have to be proactive, persistent and dedicated. You can search in search engines on the internet, online job portals, advertisements in daily newspapers, etc. One call is often sufficient to find out whether the company is interested in a dual study programme in cooperation with hwtk University. For inquiries by e-mail you can also attach the hwtk company brochure. In most cases, companies employing apprentices are also open for students. In consequence, it also pays off to contact companies having advertised for apprentices. If a company is ready to accept you, do not hesitate to contact our Office of Student Affairs. We will be happy to support you on your next steps.


What requirements does the company have to fulfil?

A company has to provide evidence that you will have the possibility to work in all relevant fields and that you will be assigned to a contact person in the company. Moreover, the company has to align with the hwtk framework plan for the respective specialisation. Further information for companies is available on request at our student and company Advisory Service.


Can I switch to another company in a dual study programme?

Actually, it is intended that you stay with one company for the whole duration of studies. If any problems between you and your company arise or if you do not want or cannot work there any more for other reasons, our Office of Student Affairs and the chancellor of hwtk University will be available for a personal consultation. You can then discuss problems and jointly look for solutions. Quitting should only be the last step if all other possibilities are exhausted. Basically, you can switch to another company during your studies. In this case, you should find a new company on your own within 4 – 6 weeks. You should not be without a company any longer because otherwise you would lose your status as a dual student. If you do not find a new company, you can switch to a full-time or distance learning programme at the beginning of the next semester. Thus, the duration of your studies at hwtk University would not be prolonged.


How can I find a new company when I want to switch?

The companies listed on our homepage have charged hwtk University with the pre-selection of applicants (unless it is explicitly stated that direct applications are welcome). Most of our partner companies are interested in first semester students who will join the company at the beginning of the next or the semester after. Dual students who are already studying can be placed in a company by the hwtk only in exceptional cases if a company is explicitly looking for advanced students. So you have the main responsibility for finding a new partner company. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Office of Student Affairs.


Distance learning

What does “distance learning” stand for?

You study on your own at home and regularly receive your study materials in paper form by post.


How many in-class teaching sessions are included in a distance learning programme?

There are three in-class teaching sessions per semester. They take place on Saturdays and Sundays.


Where does the in-class teaching take place?

Usually, they take place at hwtk University in Berlin. In exceptional cases, other locations can be envisaged, but only after prior consent and consultation.


Can I prolong the duration of a distance learning programme if I need more time?

Yes, it is possible to prolong the duration upon agreement.


Full-time study

How is the procedure of a full-time study programme?
Just like in dual study programmes, classes in full-time study programmes (20 h/week) take place on two fixed, successive weekdays. Students can freely dispose of the remaining weekdays and use weekdays for the necessary individual studies and internships. The duration of studies (the number of semesters) is the same for all types of studies.


Do I have to complete mandatory internships during my studies?
According to the hwtk module catalogue students in full-time bachelor programmes have to complete an internship in a company of 150 hours until the end of theirs studies and give evidence in the form of a certificate issued by the company. Before the internship begins, you have to obtain the course administrator’s permission. If you prove a vocational training that is relevant for your programme, it can be recognised as an internship.


Prospective international students

Can international students study at hwtk University?
Yes, people of all nationalities can apply.


Does the hwtk offer courses in English?
hwtk University plans to offer the bachelor programme “Business Administration (English)” as of winter semester 2014/2015 (start: October 1st 2014). This programme will be taught exclusively in English.
Where can I have recognized my school leaving certificate in Germany?
The Office for Recognition of Diplomas of the Senate Department for Education, Science and Research is in charge of the recognition of diplomas obtained abroad. Please consult its website for further information (contact details, office hours, required documents etc.). You can also find information concerning the recognition of bachelor degrees on the following websites: Anabin, Uni-Assist.


What language requirements apply for international students?
Applicants for programmes with Geman as language of instruction who are no German native speakers have to provide evidence of at least B2 language skills in German to be admitted to a bachelor programme. For admission to a master programme you have to provide evidence of at least C1 language skills In German. For instance, the successful completion of tests at language schools is recognized as evidence. If you have obtained your school leaving certificate (for bachelor programmes) or your bachelor degree (for master programmes) abroad, you must have it recognized in Germany.



Is there a library at hwtk University?

Yes, hwtk University disposes of its own library. It is opened from Monday to Friday and is available for all students at hwtk. Other visitors interested in science are also welcome to use our library.


Are books covered by the tuition fees or do I have to buy books myself?

Books are not covered by the tuition fees, but you can lend books in the library at hwtk University for free. 


Is it a reference or a lending library?

Both. Some parts of the library are excluded from lending, but all other books can be lent.


hwtk University of Applied Sciences and IBA University of Cooperative Education

How are hwtk and IBA connected?
hwtk University of Applied Sciences and IBA University of Cooperative Education both belong to the F + U Group.


Can I switch from IBA to hwtk?
Basically yes, if you fulfil the hwtk entrance requirements applying for the prospective degree programme. Perhaps you might get placed in a lower semester, because hwtk University only has first, second and third semester students enrolled in the bachelor degree programme Business Administration in winter semester 2013/14. At any rate, you have to apply to hwtk via the online application form. The credits you have obtained until now can be carried over according to the examination laws of hwtk University. For this purpose, you should fill in the special application form and submit it accompanied by the corresponding certificates. This form is available on request at our Office of Student Affairs.


Do the same entrance requirements for master degree programmes apply for IBA graduates as well as external applicants?
Yes. For any information concerning the entrance requirements of our master degree programme, please consult the paragraph entitled “Admission”.


Final degree/Accreditation 

Are the final degrees at hwtk University state-accredited?

hwtk University is recognised as a university. The master programme Business and Organisation has already been accredited. The bachelor programme Business and Administration has been accredited for all specialisations except for “Health Management” and “Cultural and Media Management”. These two new specialisations are still undergoing accreditation procedure at the moment, as well as the bachelor programmeme Business Informatics. The accreditation of more degree programmes at hwtk University is under preparation.

What perspectives do I have with a hwtk diploma?

The bachelor degree is a first vocational qualification and enables you to work in the middle management of companies and institutions or to enter a master programme (e.g. at hwtk University). The master degree enables you to work in a senior management position.


What career prospects do I have after graduation?

Especially after a graduation from a dual study programme you have excellent opportunities for finding an adequate job according to your qualifications. As you have continuously gained practical experience in addition to your academic studies, you are clearly better qualified than people who have only completed an apprenticeship or a theoretical study programme.