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Affordable rent, a creative environment and plenty of job offers are just three of the reasons to come study in Germany’s startup capital. The metropolis offers aspiring academics from around the world room to grow.


hwtk contact details

Berlin Mail: | Tel.: +49 30 206176-85
Baden-Baden Mail: | Tel.: +49 7221 93-1329
Baden-Baden WhatsApp: +49 176 8743-9198

hwtk contact details

Tel.: +49 30 206176-85

Baden-Baden Mail:
Tel.: +49 7221 93-1329
WhatsApp: +49 176 8743-9198

Start your career now!

Apply for summer term 2018.

Start your career now! Apply summer term 2018.

Shared experiences.

Here students, alumni and selected cooperating companies give an account of their studies and work with the hwtk.

BA Business Administration in Health Management„The specialisation Health Management offers students a comprehensive overview of all the fundamental aspects of the German health sector. I had decided on the intersection between health and business even before my studies started and now I’m looking forward to entering a highly dynamic job market soon.“ – Daniel Naumann



cooperation partner „pluss stands for up-to-date personnel management. Our dual work–study students from the hwtk stand out with their proactiveness, motivation and subject-specific expertise. With the split-week model, we can include them in our workflow every week.“ – pluss



MA Business Organisation„Studying towards a master’s degree at the hwtk quickly and efficiently opened up new job prospects for me and also introduced me to sound competencies in the fields of strategy, organisation and communication. I benefit from this knowledge daily in my work as a career counsellor.“ – Sarah Lobenstein



cooperation partner „We as a travel agency give the students a behind-the-scenes look at our dynamic field. The hwtk has proven itself to be a dependable partner in the recruitment and training of our next generation of employees.”JT Touristik



BA Business Administration (English) in Hotel and Tourism Management „My choice of the English bachelor’s programme was significantly influenced by its strong international character. With the degree I’m laying the foundation for a career at international corporations. The exchange with my classmates from nine different countries is also exciting and helps me to strengthen my intercultural competence.“ – Sabri Manaï