21 February 2017

Master’s students at the hwtk launched a Christmas biscuit project to raise funds for the support group of the Union of Social Institutions (Union Sozialer Einrichtungen; USE).
With the hwtk vice president, Prof. Mantel, and the coordinator of master’s studies, Prof. Mielke, in attendance, the master’s students presented their donation of €353.34 to the USE’s support group. The baking project resulted in 100 packets of biscuits, which the master’s students handed out in exchange for a donation during three lunch breaks at the hwtk and the hwtk library as well as at cooperating companies.
The module Applied Project Management in the third semester of the Master’s in Business and Organisation at the hwtk provided the impetus for the project. In the module, the students independently work on a project of their choice and apply project management methods to learn about planning, organisation, execution and evaluation.
The master’s students Diana Dias, Julia Duscheck, Katharina Gillich and Luise Wege consciously chose a project in which they could take on social responsibility. The group very quickly came to the decision to work with the USE’s support group. The USE is a nonprofit company with many years of experience and a range of rehabilitation options that particularly supports people with mental illness or impairment.
Through the project, the hwtk students could get to know the institution and support the group’s future work with a donation. They also paved the way for future projects between the USE and the hwtk. Projects of this nature make students aware of the society around them and they build a bridge between studies and professional practice.