Stakeholder & Education Partners

Stakeholder & Education Partners


F+U Group

For more than 35 years, F+U Group, in its capacity as an accredited, private non-profit, has shaped the German education landscape. Students can study at 18 locations and choose from more than 500 options in the comprehensive education catalogue. The catalogue is built up from modules and ranges from school subjects and vocational training to professional development and various university degrees. The high quality of the courses has officially been tested and certified by the DIN EN ISO 9001 and the AZAV. As one of the largest German educational institutions, F+U Group is also represented abroad by subsidiaries and maintains various cooperations with public and private stakeholders in the education sector.

Internationale Gesellschaft für Hochschulentwicklung und Beteiligungen

The International Society for University Development and Cooperations is a subsidiary of the Kolping Educational Society Württemberg. The Society comprises about 100 schools and more than 10 000 participants take part in its programmes each year, making it one of the leading education providers in southern Germany. Different types of private schools, secondary schools and adult education, degree programmes, vocational training and professional development yield a wide variety of educational possibilities for students. The Kolping Educational Society traditionally focuses on content in the health and social spheres. Foreign languages and the creative field are also covered with comprehensive offers. Since the acquisition of the FBD schools in Stuttgart in 2012, schools with programmes in business economics also belong to the organisation.


EurAka Baden-Baden gGmbH (formerly the European Media and Event Academy gGmbH) is a nonprofit from the city of Baden-Baden. They have tasked themselves with the development, coordination, support and execution of education programmes in the media and events spheres. EurAka offers vocational training, seminars and courses in event management, audio technology and event security and technology. In 2012, it also became possible to study towards a degree on the EurAka campus. In cooperation with the HWTK, EurAka offers a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with 11 specialisations.

Education partners

iba University of Cooperative Education

For more than ten years, the iba University of Cooperative Education has proven its commitment to the best possible combination of academic theory and professional practice. The Academy also believes in the split-week model: Students divide their work week equally between the University and the cooperating company that they work for. Participants can choose from a comprehensive list of courses and 12 study centres around Germany. The iba Berlin, for example, enriches its cooperating university the HWTK with the programme in Social Pedagogy and Management. In the process, both subsidiary institutions of F+U Group significantly benefit from the expertise and support from the established education corporation.

Academy of Languages

Since 2013, the Academy of Languages has been acting as an expansion of F+U Group’s educational portfolio with sophisticated language and computer courses tailored to the international work environment. The academy also has a long tradition, dating back to its beginnings in 1980 in Heidelberg. The Academy of Languages in Heidelberg is F+U Group’s main language school. With over 10 000 students from more than 100 countries, it’s one of the biggest and most successful language schools in Germany. This innovative network of teaching experience and educational competence benefits both foreign and domestic students. Non-native speakers of German can raise their skills to the university level or, through the International Prep School, prepare for the so-called Feststellungsprüfung. HWTK students have the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills.

isba University of Cooperative Education

The isba University of Cooperative Education is a private educational institution based in Saarbrücken. It operates on the basis of the Saarland’s vocational academy act and has been officially recognised by the state’s prime minister. The accreditation agency AHPGS recognised the first programme in December 2015: Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy with integrated professional training. Further degree programmes are currently being prepared. They will all be accredited according to the German Accreditation Council’s specifications. The bachelor’s degrees are nationally and internationally recognised and enable admission to a master’s programme.