Neues HWTK Discussion Paper veröffentlicht!


Prof. Dr. Christian Arnold und Prof. Dr. Dr. Hermann Knödler veröffentlichen eine neues HWTK Discussion Paper (2017/1) zum Thema „Value co-creation: disclosing Service-Dominant Logic’s constructional flaw


Within the framework of Service-Dominant Logic (S-D Logic), it is asserted that the beneficiary is always a co-creator of value. Accordingly, the creation of value is always a shared act of the beneficiary and at least one other party. However, value co-creation, within the meaning of S-D Logic, comprises several processes that differ in distinct ways. The creation of value requires the perception and transformation of certain events on the side of the beneficiary. These processes do not involve joint or collaborative activities; rather, they are connected in a highly selective manner with the context. The interactional aspect of service provision does not take place as part of value creation, but rather during the collaborative application of specific a competencies-mix of the parties.

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